With Buried now on his resume, director Rodrigo Cortes has collected a solid amount of sway. What has said sway delivered so far? Only Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver cast in his next film. As reported last month, Red Lights will see Weaver star as a psychologist who, along with her partner, investigates a world renowned psychic played by De Niro. Now it appears that the "partner" character has been cast and it's another fantastic get.

Touring around the American Film Market, STYD has spotted a teaser poster from the forthcoming Cortes film and emblazoned across the top, ahead of both De Niro and Weaver, is the name "Cillian Murphy." Judging solely by the name placement, either the marketing team thinks that Murphy is a bigger name than Ellen Ripley or Travis Bickle, or the 28 Days Later actor is the true star of the film. Be sure to check back as we learn more about the film.

For now, check out the poster below and head over to STYD to see it full size.

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