I've arrived in Las Vegas for this year's Cinema Con, the annual gathering of movie industry executives and theater owners where the major studios take the chance to show off their goods for the coming year, especially summer movies. There will be a lot to see from the presentations from Paramount, DreamWorks, Disney and Warner Bros., but kicking things off in the goody bag, of all places, was Fox, which handed out a calendar featuring brand-new images from many of its upcoming films.

We'll have all of those images later today, but by far the most interesting is the first look at Caesar from Rise of the Apes, the Planet of the Apes prequel coming to theaters in August. The first official image focused on human star James Franco, but this is the first look at the main ape, played in a motion-capture performance by Andy Serkis. Check out the photo below-- it's not great, we know, but we'll have to hope for an official version released online soon. You can click on it for a much larger version too.

Rise of the Apes was recently bumped up to an August 4 release date, so we may be seeing lots more of where this came from very soon. And keeping checking back for more reporting from Cinema Con!

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