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Despite the fact that it was, uh, Clash of the Titans, the sword-and-sandals disaster spectacular directed by Louis Leterrier managed to make $493.2 million worldwide earlier this year, helped partly by the fact that it opened in the spring without much competition around it. And while we have plenty of reasons to expect the forthcoming sequel to go better, new director Jonathan Liebesman being the biggest one, there's no reason for Warner Bros. to fix the one thing that wasn't broke the first time: the release date. According to Coming Soon, the studio has set Clash of the Titans 2-- probably called Wrath of the Titans-- for March 30, 2012 release date.

This also makes sense given what Liam Neeson said a week ago about shooting starting in March. A little under a year of post-production on a project this big sounds pretty necessary, especially given how much heat they took for the lousy special effects the second time around. Sam Worthington will be reprising his role as half-god warrior Perseus, with Neeson and Ralph Fiennes also back to play squabbling gods. Gemma Arterton, who seemed unsure about her participation a few months ago, seems to at least be contractually obligated to return as well. I'm sure she's hoping, as we all are, that things go a little better this time around.

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