With its atrocious 3D and truly hilarious dialogue-- "Calm your storm!"-- Clash of the Titans seemed like a ready-made cult classic and nothing more when it hit theaters in early April. Lo and behold, the movie has gone on to gross $162 domestically, and Warner Bros. still thinks a sequel is a good idea. We heard in late April that the second film would be moving forward without Louis Leterrier as a director, and now The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Jonathan Liebesman, a director you've probably never heard of, is first in line for the job.

Liebesman is largely an unknown quantity now because his only feature directing credits are either tiny-- Darkness Falls, The Killing Room-- or schlocky-- the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. The movie that is likely to get him the Clash job is Battle: Los Angeles, a Sony project that hits theaters in March of next year, and is a large-scale action movie about a military unit fighting a mysterious alien invasion. I visited that set in December and, knowing nothing about Liebesman beforehand, was impressed by his clear hunger to do good work in Hollywood, and the level of commitment he had to making an action movie that would distinguish itself from the rest. Sony has repaid Liebesman's dedication by moving the film from a planning February release to a prime March slot-- it's likely they've screened footage and liked what they saw.

The LA Times says Clash 2 will film quickly, not just because they want to cash in on the first one but because Sam Worthington will probably be shooting Avatar 2 next year. I have no idea if that information is based on something the LA Times knows and we don't or just basic conjecture based on James Cameron's endless hints, but either way it's interesting. Liebesman could find himself shooting Clash 2 as early as next January, before Battle: Los Angeles hits theaters and potentially explains why he's qualified for the job. Really, if Liebesman brings some level of passion to the project and the 3D isn't complete garbage this time, we could be looking at a sequel that's better than the original-- however low a bar that is to cross.

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