We’ve seen a lot different posters from Tron: Legacy but there’s one character who hasn’t shown up on a one sheet, at least not until now. The bad guy. His name is Clu and if he looks a lot like Jeff Bridges, who also plays Flynn, that’s no accident. Clu was originally a good guy, an early program written by Flynn to infiltrate the evil Master Control Program in the first movie. Clu failed and was derezzed by the MCP. Apparently something of him survived, and what survived, isn’t on Flynn’s side anymore.

Here’s the new Clu’s one sheet, side by side with Clu as he appeared in the original Tron. Click the poster to see it bigger where it originated on Empire:

”clu ”clu”

To go with the new Clu poster Disney has unveiled a new Tron: Legacy clip on MSN. Watch it in HD over there, or just click play below.

This particular scene was shown at Tron Night last week and has been the subject of some debate in our comments. Some have found it touching and see it as a sign that the movie will have an emotional connection beyond just a bunch of cool lights. Others find the whole thing weird and stilted. Sam’s reunion with his father starts well enough, but it’s when Flynn suddenly ditches his kid and wanders outdoors for no apparent reason that the scene stops working for me. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: It should be noted that this clip has been heavily edited and is much shorter than the one shown on Tron Night. Because they wanted to fit the video into a nice one minute package, the pacing has been completely destroyed and has sucked all of the emotion out of the scene. In the extended sequence, Sam and Kevin talk for a while before embracing (discussing change in appearance and what not). They then embrace for a much more extended period before Kevin excuses himself to walk out to the balcony (he doesn't just leave as is shown in the clip). There is love compassion in the scene, none of which is shown in the clip above. As for those who felt the full scene was awkward, I offer this: Kevin thought that he would never see his only child ever again and suddenly Sam is standing in his living room, trapped in the same world that has been his prison for decades. There's truly no "normal" way to act in that situation.

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