Jeff Bridges may be reuniting with the Coen Brothers for the first time since the underappreciated greatness of The Big Lebowski. Hold on there professional Walter impersonators, they’re not planning a sequel. Instead it’s a remake. A remake of True Grit.

The original 1969 western starred John Wayne as a rough, alcoholic Texas Ranger named Rooster Cogburn, who helps a young girl track down her father’s murderer in hostile Indian territory. It’s the movie that won John Wayne an Oscar and yet the Coens think they can do better. I doubt it, but that doesn’t mean whatever they do with it won’t be good.

Variety says Bridges is currently only in discussions to take on the film’s lead role. If things work out, he’ll step into the iconic shoes of Wayne and almost certainly cause his corpse to roll over in its grave. That damn stoner Lebowski replacing the Duke? He most definitely would not approve. John Wayne was more of a Walter.

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