Entertainment Weekly is seriously getting the jump on everyone else when it comes to covering Comic Con. They've already brought us the first images from The Amazing Spider-Man that we showed you earlier today, and now The Film Stage has dug up a scan of the first image from the Total Recall remake, in which Colin Farrell finds himself at the business end of some futuristic guns. Take a look at the image below.

In the accompanying article Farrell tells us what we all pretty much assumed, that he's not even going to attempt repeating some of the classic jokey line readings that Arnold Schwarzenegger so famously gave in the 1990 original film. Instead, he's promising that "the tone will be much less jokey," and "there's not as much tongue in cheek." Also starring Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, Bill Nighy and John Cho, Total Recall is yet another attempt at rebooting the 80s into workable new action franchises; whether it's the prequel to The Thing or remake of Conan the Barbarbian coming later this year, there's a lot of nostalgia going around.

Yesterday I read this great piece at Grantland about Colin Farrell's career, how he came out the gate in the early 00s as an action star in movies like Minority Report, then seemed to be totally faltering in bloated nonsense like Alexander and Miami VIce. After his surprise Golden Globe win for his role in In Bruges, though, Farrell seems to be picking up steam as a character actor, leading into his hilarious turn in last week's Horrible Bosses, or his understated supporting turns in Crazy Heart and The Way Back. Total Recall has him veering back to movie star territory, but the Grantland writer was wondering if he had learned enough by now to do it right this time--and given that he's also still got some smaller projects on the backburner in the meantime, I think he has. You may be curious about Total Recall to see how they'll adapt the Schwarzenegger classic, but I'm interested to see what Farrell might be able to do put in the middle of a giant movie again, 10 years further into his career.

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