Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have written two movies together, and both were comic gold. Their first collaboration was the 2004 Shaun of the Dead, and even though it’s not yet a decade old, the film’s widely regarded as a modern classic. Their second was Hot Fuzz and their satire of the action genre was instantly beloved. Now they’re working on their third film together, and no we have no idea what it is.

But we do know it’s happening. Today at Comic Con Edgar Wright, talking about his next project revealed, “Me and simon pegg are going to start writing next month.” What are they writing? He’s not talking. They’ve satirized zombies and cop movies. What’s next? Corset dramas? I’d love to see Nick Frost in a corset.

What their collaboration definitely won’t be is the long talked about Edgar Wright superhero adaptation Ant-Man. He wrote that with Joe Cornish, and though the project’s been through a lot of ups and downs, it seems the thing still exists. In fact Wright confirms that he and Cornish turned in a new draft of their Ant-Man script this past Monday, and what’s more he’s already seen concept art. Ant-Man is still out there, somewhere. Whether or not it gets made will probably depend a lot on how other Marvel movies like Captain America: The First Avenger do.

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