Comic Con may be a total geek fest, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to laugh too, and 30 Minutes or Less promises to do just that. With an unbelievably awesome cast including Jesse Eisenberg, Aziz Ansari, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Michael Pena, the film promises to be a laugh riot and while the movie is set to come out shortly, today we get an extended look and a chance to hear from the people behind the production.

I’ll be sitting here in Hall H updating you minute to minute with every little detail from the 30 Minutes or Less so keep refreshing this page and enjoy!

4:36: Reuben Fleischer, Nick Swardson, Michael Pena, and Aziz Ansari all out for the film!

4:37: Sadly, Jesse Eisenberg is filming with Woody Allen and Danny McBride is filming Eastbound and Down now and couldn't make it. He does have a video intro though...

4:38: McBride spends the entire "I'm sorry I couldn't be there" video insulting everyone that's on the panel. Amazing stuff. Here's the footage!

4:46: They showed the bank heist in full as well as a montage of random scenes. Holy shit does this movie look funny.

4:47: Nick talks about playing Danny McBride's best friend. They want to kill McBride's dad so that they can open a tanning salon/brothel.

4:48: Apparently Nick and Danny linked over a disgusting sense of humor. Nick watched Eastbound and Down halfway through filming and just kept calling him "Kenny Fucking Powers"

4:49: Reuben says that the film reminds him of Fargo and wanted to do something a bit smaller before going big.

4:50: Aziz says the Human Giant guys are all doing separate things, so right now there are no plans for a reunion.

4:52: Aziz is super excited for The Dark Knight Rises and enjoyed the footage that was shown after the Inception 2 panel.

4:55: Reuben says a lot of the comedy comes from the guys improvisation. Danny and Nick have conversations that didn't exist in the script that were just put in.

4:56: Reuben would be happy to make a Zombieland 2, but it's a matter of time and scheduling due to Emma Stone being in The Amazing Spider-Man, Woody Harrelson being in The Hunger Games and Jesse Eisenberg being in Social Network 2 (the last one is a joke, btw)

4:58: On outtakes: Michael Pena had a love-making scene removed. Nick says he went to Avatar world. Aziz says that he dressed up as a talking gorilla and went to TGI Fridays. The moderator tries to convince him that that was in Zookeeper. Aziz doesn't think that's right.

4:59: Nick says that he finds people acting serious makes him laugh. He also says he's been kicked off movies for breaking too much, Reuben confirming that he's the worst on set.

5:00: Reuben talking about Gangster Squad: calls it a period action film. Audience is wowed by names including Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, etc.

5:02: Nick was extremely uncomfortable with using the flamethrower. Danny kept throwing stuff at the flamethrower thinking an exploding flamethrower would make a funny outtake. Reuben says that Jesse is an awesome stunt driver (which you probably wouldn't think)

5:03: Aziz said that he actually wasn't in the car when they were filming the car scenes, instead it was Jamie Foxx who had his face CGI replaced with Aziz's

5:04: Reuben confirms that Jesse actually trailed an actual pizza guy in training for the movie.

5:05: Nick was happy not to play a flaming gay prostitute like he did on Reno 911

5:06: Reuben says that all of the funny stuff made its way into the final film. Nick says that Philadelphia was a comedy but then they went into the editing room and said, "What the hell is this?"

5:08: Next Sony panel coming up!

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