This is a rare one for me. Thanks to some incredible luck, I already had the chance to see Attack The Block at this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival. That said, this movie is awesome enough that I’m more than happy to report all of the events and see footage from the film again here in Hall H at the San Diego Comic Con.

I’ll be live-blogging the entire panel right here, so just keep refreshing this page for all of the updates, funny comments and footage descriptions!

2:10: Red band trailer plays! John Boyega, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish on stage!

2:12: Joe and Edgar apparently met while at a DVD rental store in London - in the Italian horror section of all places.

2:12: "Instead of an alien dropping in the backyard of a sweet kid like Eliot [from ET], it drops in front of some real badass mofos"

2:13: The aliens were created using a mix of live-action and rotoscoping (and I can confirm that it’s totally awesome)

2:14: About to show off a clip in which the group is trying to escape from the aliens into Ron’s weed room.

2:22: Quite a bit of footage shown, some of it quite spoilery in my opinion. Will detail it later!

2:26: Updates on future projects: Wright says he and Simon Pegg start writing the third in the Blood and Ice Cream trilogy next month, just turned in a new draft of Ant-Man on Monday and has seen some concept art. Also would never rule out a return to television.

2:27: John Boyega says he watched Season 4 of The Wire in preparation for the role. Sees the power in subtly in the characters' eyes.

2:29: John says the most difficult part of the shoot was the night shoots, where they had to stock up on Paninis and hot chocolate. John says he is going to be on Law and Order UK and a movie called Junkhearts.

2:32: Edgar Wright reveals the secret title of Attack The Block: Super 8 Mile.

2:34: Edgar Wright has apparently given Joe Cornish an idea for an Attack The Block 2. Would want the story to follow directly after the first movie. That might be a bit difficult with growing actors, however.

2:35: That's all for Attack The Block. Stay tuned for more from Hall H!

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