I'm seated in Hall H for the beginning of what's going to be a long day of panels, and things are starting off with a shriek for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. You may have already read Eric's liveblog of this morning's press conference, but read below as I bring you every Team Jacob vs. Team Edward moment from the panel, which will feature stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, plus director Bill Condon and a ton of people from the supporting cast. I mean, you've gotta fill up the seats at that giant vampire wedding somehow.

11:27 Director Bill Condon takes the stage, and within a minute he's referred to the movie as, in the second half, "a really cool horror movie." Somehow that seems to actually go over well with the crowd.

11:28 Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner take the stage. Taylor Lautner is wearing a leather jacket-- so far it doesn't seem to be a tearaway jacket, but the panel just started so anything can happen.

11:30 Stewart describes being "locked into" her wedding dress for the wedding scene, which sounds mighty painful actually. In a kind of sweet way she also describes shooting the scene as "It was my day, I know that sounds lame." Yeah, it does, but the audience doesn't care.

11:34 The first clip is all about Jacob, and though the audience seems to understand what's going on, I was a little lost. He runs off to the woods to meet up with the members of his wolfpack family, who have apparently ostracized him for being friends with the Cullens. He promises to destroy "the problem," which I think might be the half-vampire baby that Bella is pregnant with. I need to track down the Twihards sitting behind me and get some information here.

11:32 Pattinson describes the rainstorms they endured in Brazil while shooting the honeymoon. "It was kind of like having a honeymoon in England. We were playing board games instead of making love on the beach." That's not what the audience came to hear!

11:40 They turn it over to audience questions, and demand they keep the questions to Part 1. But how does anyone know which part is which?

11:42 Pattinson gets asked which was more fun to play, Edward Cullen or Cedric Diggory. The poor guy essentially just rambles about not knowing what he was doing when he was in the Harry Potter movie.

11:43 Lautner gets asked about being an action star, and manages to work in a plug for his next film Abduction. Way to be a team player!

11:43 "We really did try to go as hardcore as we could." That's Kristen Stewart describing the vampire baby birthing scene. She then describes the "sheer exuberance" of seeing your baby for the first time, which really isn't something you usually expect 20-year-old actresses to be talking about.

11:45 "Rob, I was very pleasantly surprised by your back muscles in the trailer. I believe I speak for all of us when I say 'num num num.' " That's a verbatim question from the audience. Is it going to get more awkward from here? God I hope not.
11:46 Stewart talks about wearing vampire makeup for the first time. "The contacts suck so badly." She admits that Pattinson's been justified in complaining about the vampire makeup all these years.

11:46 Another audience member wants to give Pattinson a CD, "because I made you one two years ago and now I want to give you another one." He graciously accepts, though I'm not sure exactly how this handoff is going to take place.

11:48 "My mom would like to know, what was the difference between filming in Canada and Louisiana." This audience question manages to be both awkward AND boring-- a rare combination!

11:51 Stewart really seems talkative this time, which is rare. She's talking about Bella being a fighter in the context of the birth scene, which nobody seems capable of not talking about.

11:52 A pregnant woman, holding a giant pink Starbucks drink, asks Stewart what she learned about being pregnant… while not being pregnant? While pretending to be pregnant with a vampire baby? I really hope this woman doesn't actually relate to that experience.

11:53 A guy actually steps up to ask a question! And he wants to know what it's like working with a cast full of beautiful women. Stewart says that's the first time this has been asked, and Pattinson says "That's not true! I always get asked that at some point." Lautner asks what he says, and Pattinson waffles a while before saying "Any way you can answer this question seems inappropriate or just plain wrong." What a gentleman!

11:54 Lautner's very concise answer: "There could be worse jobs." But Stewart actually beats him: "It's so weird that we're all so hot." She is winning some fans here this morning.

11:55 "In my fight scenes, I'm actually a wolf. I wish I could be doing them. I'm super jealous of my CGI wolf." Poor Taylor Lautner, just trying to become the action star he wants to be.

11:57 Several more cast members, including Ashley Greene andElizabeth Reaser, are introduced as "surprise guests," even though they were at the press conference this morning. Still, there's one audience member who's unsatisfied and keeps screaming "Where's Kellan?" Kellan Lutz, you've never been more popular.

11:58 Let's pause a minute and talk about Robert Pattinson's hair. I know the asymmetrical look is hip and all, but this is probably going too far.

11:59 A very young girl asks Robert Pattinson if he liked having the baby with Bella. He responds with a pretty genuine answer about how much he likes babies. There's a surprising lack of swooning in the audience as a result-- maybe they all feel a little uneasy about having his vampire babies?

12:01 The moderator asks Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed and company about their experience on the movie, because the audience doesn't seem to have much interest in asking them. I guess Taylor Lautner needs a break from talking at some point.

12:03 Elizabeth Reaser: "I really enjoyed working with all the international vampires." It's like the world's strangest Model UN conference up here.

12:05 A guy in a Captain America T-shirt asks the cast if they had a chance to see any Brazilian films while shooting in the country. Bill Condon gives a pretty good answer, and while it's the kind of nerdy thing I'd ask in an interview, you can almost hear the audience losing interest.

12:06 The woman now at the mic is wearing a Breaking Dawn T-shirt-- how'd she even get that??

12:09 Here's a shot of the whole crew up onstage. So many long-haired brunette women!

12:09 A good question finally comes up! A girl asks what everyone will miss most about shooting the movies. Nikki Reed: "We had some really special moments actually. I think I'll miss that feeling of being part of the community." Ashley Greene: "It was nice being able to, personally and as an actor, learn and grow with these people." These answers are feeling painfully generic. I'm hoping Pattinson will shake things up.

12:12 Elizabeth Reaser: "I'll miss the weird normalcy of getting up at 4 in the morning every day." She also says she'll miss craft services. Wait, she's not quitting acting entirely, is she? Are the Twilight craft services just that good?

12:14 Pattinson's up! He claims it's impossible to answer the question, I guess because everyone took all the good platitudes. "Everyone's really cool, I had a great time, and after a while I get to the point where I say 'No more!' After the last premiere that is it!" Yup, that's exactly the sarcasm I was hoping for.

12:16 Stewart says her favorite book was always New Moon. And she sticks up for Twilight as possibly her favorite movie-- "I think Catherine did a special, weird job with it." Oh and THEN she says "I am feeling so goddamn nostalgic"-- and claps her hands over her mouth knowing she definitely wasn't supposed to curse. She is on fire today!

12:18 A woman in the audience asks if we're going to hear about "James and the insane asylum." Apparently we won't be hearing that in the book, but that's probably the most interesting thing I've heard about Breaking Dawn since "vampire baby birth scene."

12:20 Stewart launches into a story about a song that got her in the mood for the wedding scene, and then tries to stop herself halfway thinking it's too boring. The song is "For Annabelle" by Band of Horses, for your iTunes purchasing purposes.

12:21 The tickets they handed out at the beginning of the panel allow the winners of a drawing to get a meet & greet with the cast on the red carpet at the Summit Party later tonight. The cast seems slightly terrified by the prospect, but I guess they're pros at these awkward encounters by now.

12:26 We close things out with a screening of the teaser trailer for good measure. You really haven't seen this trailer until you've seen Lautner take off his shirt while listening to 5,000 people screaming about it.

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