You can’t really count me among the fans of the Nicolas Cage-starring Ghost Rider (in fact, I actually hate it) but there’s a bit that intrigues me about the sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, namely the directors Neveldine and Taylor. The directors of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor are basically insane (you may know them as the directors of Crank) and it could be a lot of fun. Now we’re here to find out.

I’ll be live-blogging the Hall H panel straight from San Diego Comic Con. Keep refreshing this page for all the juicy details!

4:15: Opens with behind the scenes footage. Camera moving the camera. Using rollerblades with the camera hanging off wires with the director. Remember what I said? Nuts.

4:17: Real bones breaking in Ghost Rider as the stunt men were promised that any time they got injured, that shot would be used in the film

4:19:Johnny Whitworth, Idris Elba, Nicolas Cage all on stage. Here comes the trailer!

4:19: That trailer was actually pretty damn awesome. Seriously dark, lots of flame, much better CGI and A LOT of action. We may need to start getting excited for this one.

4:22: Taylor says Ghost Rider isn’t really a superhero as much as he is a horror character. The horror elements were what drew them to the project.

4:23: Idris says that Taylor and Neveldine are totally insane and will “throw you under a bus” at a moment’s notice. Given the film, I think he’s probably being literal.

4:25:Audience member asks what superhero Nicolas Cage would be. Cage has the simple answer: Ghost Rider. Not really sure what questioner was expecting.

4:28: Idris Elba says that he may not see it happen, but would love the chance to play Luke Cage. I have to say, I really hope it happens.

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