Superman is about to arrive at Comic Con. No, there's still no panel for Zack Snyder's Superman: Man of Steel, but Henry Cavill, the actor newly cast as Clark Kent, is about to take the stage for his next film, Tarsem Singh's sword and sandals epic Immortals. I'll be liveblogging the panel as it all goes down in Hall H this afternoon, as they prepare to show never-before-seen footage in 3D. Hopefully some people are hanging on to their 3D Edgar Allan Poe masks from the Coppola panel-- I know I am.

1:03 Tarsem says the movie is a little bit more hardcore than what we've been seeing in the trailers. Coming from the director of The Fall, that's not really a surprise.

1:08 A trailer is screened, in 3D naturally. It's hard not to think of comparisons to Clash of the Titans, since the subject matter and setting and general direction of the action is pretty much the same. But there are little flashes of artistry in there-- scenes in black and white with red blood splattered, a camera moving alongside a spear-- that remind you that Tarsem is better with visuals than most directors working today. No offense, Louis Leterrier.

1:09 The cast starts taking the stage with producer Mark Canton introducing them, starting with Freida Pinto, then Stephen Dorff, Luke Evans, Kellan Lutz (some leftover Twihards scream hard for this guy), "and because we don't have enough good-looking people up here… the next Superman, but before he was Superman, he was Theseus--Henry Cavill."

1:12 "We'll start with you, Henry. You just flew in for this. Did you use a plane?" Oh, moderator humor. Henry Cavill is looking excellent and, yes, I'll say it, very Clark Kent-ish. But the girls in the front are somehow still screaming louder for Kellan Lutz.

1:13 Lutz says he likes playing Poseidon because he likes fish and he likes swimming. I guess there's a kind of logic there.

1:16 Canton, the producer, says he's always "trying to stay away from the bullshit of the past." Which is why he's making a movie about ancient gods?

1:17 The moderator asks everyone on the panel to tell their best Mickey Rourke story, but nobody bites. I wouldn't want to publicly cross that guy either, to be honest.

1:19 Tarsem says he was interested in dealing with the idea of gods, and figuring out why there's so much bad in the world if they're so all powerful.

1:20 Time for a fight scene clip!

1:24 The clip is focused mostly on Luke Evans as Zeus, as he and a group of other gods in big golden armor go head to head against some kind of CGI black monster villains. I'd be lying if I said I really understood what was going on there, and while the visuals are impressive-- lots of blood, lots of impressive slow motion-- the CGI bad guy characters made it feel kind of weightless and low stakes. I hope I'll be more impressed when it's in context.

1:26 Question time! A guy in the audience refers to a movie called "Clash of the Shit," and Tarsem laughs and says "I couldn't agree more!" Today is just not Louis Leterrier's day.

1:27 Tarsem says he starts making films with a good visual story, not plot or characters.

1:28 He shot the fight scene they just showed us three times, once with real people on real sets, once in the computer with no people, and a third time with everyone put together. OK, that kind of effort really is impressive.

1:29 A girl takes the mic and tries to wheedle a hug out of Henry Cavill, who answers he questions about mythology but doesn't bite on the hug. Nicely done Supes!

1:33 A lot of girls are asking questions about mythology and gods, but I can't tell if they're actually interested or just looking for an excuse to talk to the hunky dudes onstage.

1:34 "I could only muster up so many good-looking guys." Tarsem on why there's only a certain number of classical gods in the movie.

1:36 Kellan Lutz claimed he watched The Little Mermaid multiple times to prepare to play Poseideon.

1:36 A kid with floppy, sandy hair takes the mic, and Tarsem asks, "Is this Michael Bay?" God, if only.

1:40 Here's how Stephen Dorff describes his experience on the set: "A lot of sweat, a lot of dirt, a lot of getting in shape, a lot of flirting with Freida's character." He seems half-asleep, but I kind of prefer it to Kellan Lutz's weird "god of wetness" comments.

1:41 Here's a shot of the whole crew. Cavill looks booooooored.

1:43 The sneaky moderator goes ahead and asks Cavill about Superman while joking about Christopher Nolan's snipers in the room. Cavill's pretty good at saying absolutely nothing: "There's really nothing I can say apart from the fact that it's one of the best scripts I've ever read. I'm excited about it and humbled by the whole experience, and I can't wait to get started."

1:50 They show the fight scene clip one more time, and I swear, I still can't tell what's going on in there at all. I guess I have to wait until November to figure it out-- that's it for the Immortals panel!

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