"I will never forget the first time I took a piss next to a Stormtrooper and a Klingon." Spoken by Eli Roth, that was the opening line of the teaser trailer, or clip, or something that Morgan Spurlock showed in Hall H to introduce us to Comic Con Episode 4: A Fan's Hope. You might know it by its simpler title "Morgan Spurlock and Joss Whedon's Comic Con Documentary," which was announced last year and was shot during last year's San Diego Comic Con. Spurlock took the stage in Hall H unannounced just before a panel for Sony's animated films, and pulled out a pretty impressive Stan Lee impression-- the Marvel titan is an executive producer on the film-- before introducing the clip.

The teaser was so short that it didn't get into the movie's actual stories, which reportedly follow a handful of average Comic Con attendees at last year's Con. Instead the emphasis was on celebrity testimonials about the Con, starting with the aforementioned Eli Roth and ranging from Guillermo del Toro to Seth Green to Joss Whedon, also an executive producer on the film. I'm only about five hours into my Comic Con experience this year, but I can't really argue with Whedon's description of it: "Get on a roller coaster, put your head in a jar of marbles and drop acid, and that's what it's like to be at Comic Con for five minutes." And that's coming from a guy who doesn't even have to wait in line to get in Hall H.

Second-place prize for the best quote is Guillermo del Toro's slightly enigmatic description, "Comic Con is like a Russian doll. There are many Comic Cons within Comic Cons."

Spurlock has said he hopes to release the film later this year, and so far as I know there's no surprise screening of the entire film planned for here at the convention, though I guess you really never know. Presumably that teaser, or some sort of trailer for the film, will be online before too long, so keep an eye out for a look at the Comic Con experience filtered through the mind of Morgan Spurlock.

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