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Robert Rodriguez has taken the stage in Hall H to announce pretty much everything he's involved in right now and has coming down the pipeline-- and if you follow his name in movie news, you'll know that's a lot. But one particular Rodriguez movie seems to capture imaginations more than all the others, and ever since Sin City hit theaters in 2005 there have been near constant rumors of a sequel. Rodriguez himself said last fall that he was still planning to make the movie and could get to it soon. Now we know how soon.

"If it's going to happen, it's going to happen this year," Rodriguez just told the assembled Comic Con crowd of Sin City 2, which he says is still in the script process but promises he and Miller are as close to making it as they've ever been. He's basing it on three separate stories by Frank Miller, who co-directed the first movie and whose graphic novel inspired the original. One of the stories is called "A Dame to Kill For," another is called "The Long Bad Night," and the third is being kept under wraps for now.

At the same time, Rodriguez also announced not one but two sequels to Machete, his grindhouse-inspired film from last year starring Danny Trejo as the violent title character. Rodriguez says both films have been greenlit, and the first sequel will be called Machete Kills, with the third called Machete Kills Again. He described the third film as "a space opera," and said he planned to at least shoot a trailer for the movie to show in front of the second sequel. Given that Machete made just $26 million domestically I assume these won't be giant productions, but that would be kind of against the grindhouse aesthetic don't you think?

Finally, Rodriguez announced he's planning to work on a movie based on Heavy Metal, the cult comics magazine from the 70s and 80s. At one point David Fincher had the rights to the series, and even as recently as last year he was planning to make it with James Cameron as a collaborator. It's unclear why Fincher abandoned the project, but it's under Rodriguez's Quick Draw Films banner now. Rodriguez mentioned that there are a lot of possibilities for the adaptation, including interactive online stuff and games, but he and Eastman seem to be focused on making an anthology-type movie in the style of Four Rooms or, yes, Sin City.

Eastman said that even when he was developing the project with Fincher he heard from a lot of directors who wanted to be involved, and Rodriguez says that now that he's in charge, he plans to open up the project to the public, not unlike the way he called for fake movie trailers after Grindhouse. Here's how he explained his plans:

"We're going to have you submit your story ideas, characters, worlds. We're going to leave a slot open-- what would Heavy Metal be without its fans? We want people to be able to participate where they can be in there. It's what's great about Heavy Metal and great about how artists inspire each other."
Submissions to be part of the Heavy Metal movie can be made here.

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