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Steven Spielberg has been working on Jurassic Park 4 for nearly a decade now, and it never really seems to get off the ground. They’ve even had finished scripts, which ended up on the scrap heap, without being used. He’s at it again and a few months ago Spielberg announced that he was exploring new ideas for another installment in the dinosaur franchise. Today at Comic Con he announced that he’s found one.

Speaking to fans at the Tin Tin panel he offered this update on where they’re at with Jurassic Park 4: They have a story idea now, they’ve hired a writer to start work on the script, and hopefully we’ll actually see the movie within the next two or three years.

So who’s the writer? Spielberg didn’t say, but it’s probably Mark Protosevich, whom he was meeting with last month as part of initial talks to get Jurassic Park 4 going. Protosevich had a hand in writing the script for I Am Legend, except his version was far better than the final, hacked to pieces by script doctors actually used on the Will Smith movie. If he’s the man they’ve hired, he really is the perfect fit for this project.

Whether we need this project is an entirely different question. The original Jurassic Park holds up fantastically well. Even the special effects still work, and don’t seem dated at all. That film is a bonafide classic, but the sequels never really lived up to it and this many years later… wouldn’t you rather just pop in a Blu-ray and re-watch the first one, than sit through yet another unnecessary sequel? I would.

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