--Back to Ender's Game, Kelly visited the prop walkthrough and took a ton of photos, and she also got the chance to pick the brains of director Gavin Hood and producer Roberto Orci, just ahead of the massive Hall H panel. Of everything she learned, Kelly says it's the animation for the mind game she's most excited to see when the movie comes out.

--According to Sean, fan Q-and-A's were a bit of a disappointment-- like in other years, a lot of the fans who make it up to the mic ask questions that are irrelevant, silly or both. But as Sean puts it, "As a parent, nothing gave me more pleasure than to see parents walking around the convention center with their kids ... sometimes with the whole family dressed head to toe in superhero costumes. I do love that communal aspect of the Con, and admire the parents who take the time to do SDCC with their kids."

--Kelly also got the chance to cover a party sponsored by The Walking Dead, which featured live music from Weezer, celebrity appearances by the likes of Sean Astin and Seth Green, and much more. Read her full recap here.

--The funniest presentation of the Con seemed to belong to Team Sherlock, and Benedict Cumberbatch, specifically. His video recording to fans poked fun at J.J. Abrams' "Mystery Box" theory, his Sherlock cliffhanger, The Hobbit an the fact that Sherlock is even AT Comic-Con. (Based on the reaction from packed house in Ballroom 20, they were more than thrilled to get a look at his little show. Next time, Mr. Cumberbatch, come see for yourself.)

--Comic-Con might be one giant monetary gift for every San Diego hotel, but the exact opposite could be said for cab drivers. While having one hundred thousand extra people might seem like a good thing, Mack spent time talking to three separate cab drivers, all of whom were more than willing to bitch about how the convention is the worst weekend of the entire year. With free bus shuttles running to the faraway hotels, a younger demographic that, on the whole, isn’t pumped about spending money and likes walking, closed down roadways and a parting of the Red Sea-like flood of pedestrians everywhere, the experience is apparently a nightmare for the people in the yellow vehicles.

--One of the best trailers shown during the Con was the new extended look at The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which included both Donald Sutherland glowering and a completely excessive look at Sam Claflin's Finnick with his shirt off. Lucky for you, that trailer is already online for your viewing pleasure.

--Though Sony's presentation on their Robocop remake was a little overshadowed by the Amazing Spider-Man 2 stuff that came after, Kelly said she found the connections to modern gun culture-- and the idea of being accountable for it-- really interesting, and "I'll be interested to see how that element plays out in the film."

--Eric took a break from movies on Sunday to head back into Hall H and geek out over two of his favorite TV shows-- Breaking Bad, with a panel that included Bryan Cranston talking through his own Heisenberg mask, and Community, whose panel kicked off with creator Dan Harmon returning and wearing his own homemade Iron Man costume. Which was weirder? That's for you to decide.

--For Mack, much of his mornings were spent winding his way through the overwhelming sea of people in an attempt to snap some photographs. From old dudes in Captain Kirk hats to a sweet Quagmire mask, he saw enough geeky awesomeness to last him a year and a few bits of weirdness his eyes will never be able to forget. The resulting pictures do a decent job of portraying the chaos of it all, but still, nothing can quite prepare a human for walking into a gigantic convention center and seeing one hundred thousand pumped up weirdo fanatics hellbent on having fun.

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