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Amid the big Comic Con announcements and footage showed for Marvel's Captain America and Thor and DC's Green Lantern came a superhero a little odder, and maybe a lot more inventive, than the rest. Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry, Adam Goldberg and Christoph Waltz were all on hand to unveil much more from The Green Hornet, the superhero movie that's been under puzzled scrutiny ever since Rogen was first announced as the lead, and which debuted its first trailer a few weeks ago to a less than thunderous online response.

Rogen seemed to be aware of all of this when I caught up with him just prior to the Green Hornet panel and asked him about what he'd be bringing to show off in Hall H, what we hadn't seen from The Green Hornet's visuals that Gondry fans might look forward to, and how a January release date will affect the movie's chances against the other box office competition. Check out the entirety of our very short interview below, and read Eric's take on how the whole panel turned out.

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