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Flynn’s Arcade is back at Comic Con this year and while last year it contained amazing secrets beyond anything anyone who showed up might have imagined, somehow they’ve managed to make the whole thing even bigger.

First a little background. If you’ve seen the latest Tron: Legacy trailer then you know the arcade, which was first seen in the 1982 movie, figures prominently in the sequel. Kevin Flynn’s son Sam shows up there one night, and finds a doorway into the computer world hidden behind one of the games. At Comic Con, they’ve recreated that, exactly. When you walk into the arcade, it looks as though it has been shut down for decades, the games all covered in plastic tarps. After a minute, Bruce Boxleitner, who plays Alan Bradley in the film, comes over the loudspeaker to tell Sam, played by Garrett Hedlund, that he has heard from his father. The lights flash'll have to check out the rest below. Last year when that doorway opened it led to a lightcycle, while this year it leads directly into the brightly lit, amazing computer world. Take a look at what’s inside Flynn’s Arcade this time, with the video walkthrough below and pictures from inside:

Pretty amazing right? For comparison, here’s what was behind the secret Flynn’s Arcade door at Comic Con last year, in 2009:

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