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Gear of War game designer Cliff Bleszinski offered an update on the state of the long gestating movie adaptation of the series. It’s not good news.

The problems started back in April when director Len Wiseman bailed on the project. Now Bleszinski says they’re back to rethinking the script, trying to find a way to lower the budget. The script Wiseman was set to use was estimated to cost around $100 million to make, and he says that’s a problem because it would have had to be rated-R, and it contained no love story. Sounds like Hollywood wasn’t willing to spend on anything challenging. Wonder why none of these video game to movie adaptations work? There’s a reason right there.

But lowering the budget doesn’t necessarily mean skimping on effects. They say they’re planning to make the movie “more like District 9”. A good goal to shoot for since it to was a rated-R movie without a real love story, but they managed to make it on a smallish budget. By contrast Bleszinski says the original script was more like 2012. If it takes starting over to make Gears of War more District 9 and less 2012, then it sounds like starting over is worth doing.

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