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Following the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel, there was a scuffle here at the San Diego Comic Con that has resulted in one man heading to the hospital and the other off to jail. According to eyewitness reports and Twitter, a fight broke out between two men over saving seats and one man stabbed the other in the eye with a pen. While the victim was brought out of the convention center on a stretcher, the police arrested the man responsible and escorted him off of the premises.

Considering that I had to be on line at 7:00AM this morning just to get into Hall H and some people even camped out over night, it's understandable that people are a bit frustrated but this type of behavior is uncalled for. A message to all San Diego Comic Con attendees: Hall H is huge and there are plenty of seats. If you start thinking that it's a good idea to stab someone in the eye over something as minor as a chair, step back, take a deep breath and just leave.

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