I wouldn't have exactly predicted that an action comedy about retired spies would have gotten as big a crowd response in Hall H as Tron, but I"m quickly learning not to underestimate Red. The comic book adaptation about a group of ex-CIA agents labeled "Retired Extremely Dangerous" has already shown off one fantastic teaser trailer, and the new trailer introduced by producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura brought the house down. It's the first trailer today that's been played twice to equally ecstatic audience reaction both times. It's just as funny as the first one if not more so thanks to extra John Malkovich looniness, and it has the added bonus of more action, more sultry Helen Mirren, still-livin' Ernest Borgnine, and a shot of Morgan Freeman punching Richard Dreyfuss in the face. Malkovich's character has been doused with LSD and may wind up going over the top in the final product, but in the context of the trailer he's a perfect dose of true lunacy. Karl Urban didn't make much of an appearance, but given that he's more of a baddie and not someone over 50 wielding heavy artillery, I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

A good chunk of the cast took the stage for the film as well, including Mirren-- wearing a Harvey Pekar shirt to honor who she called "a great genius in this world"-- Willis, Mary-Louise Parker and Karl Urban, who got all the ladies screaming when he shouted "Are you out your Vulcan mind???" for no reason at all. And though Mirren got the loudest applause when she took the stage, Willis was the wisecracking rock star with lines like "I think over 75 movie stars are in Red" and "I thought the movie was a romantic comedy." I have to wonder if he's jealous of Urban for stealing all his ladykilling mojo, but up on stage he was pure icon gentleman.

Willis also described the vibe on the set as "like recess, and not like math class," and that's exactly how it feels watching the footage from Red so far-- it may be one of those rare movies when the audience is allowed to have as much fun watching it as the actors did making it. I mean, this was the acting advice Mary-Louise Parker used to pull off her character: "Alec Baldwin told me just look like you constantly have to pee, and then you look like your'e in danger." It's been a pretty serious day here at Hall H ever sine Megamind, so it felt especially good to see a bunch of people just take the stage and admit they made a movie because it would be fun to fire a gun. Hopefully the final product will be as fun as what we saw here today.

Check out the picture below to see the entire panel and a little bit of Mirren's Harvey Pekar shirt-- we'll forgive the unfortunate use of Comic Sans just this once.

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