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Sunday at Comic Con is generally considered one of the slower days-- there's nothing going on at Hall H, all the celebrities are hungover from the big SyFy party on Saturday night, and it's children's day, which means there are many more small people on the floor. But before it was time for the Cinema Blend crew to pack up and leave town entirely, I hit the convention center floor one more time to snap photos of some of the more impressive costumes, which went heavy on the steampunk today but also included a How to Train Your Dragon tribute, a stone-faced Batman, and a truly impressive Mad Hatter.

I also hit the exhibition floor for the first time since Wednesday and snapped photos of some cool stuff we had missed-- action figures from Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, a giant Bumblebee and Voldemort, and a bust of C3PO that lights up. Check out all the geeky goodness one last time in the gallery below.

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