Get excited about Iron Man 2 or Avatar all you want. Everyone knows that one of the best parts of Comic Con is the costumes, the handmade and exquisite creations that fans parade all around the convention center, able to be out and proud among their geek brethren. I spent way too much of Comic Con running around like a crazy person to get too many good shots, but last night before the Masquerade-- a party specifically for all those crazy fans-- I stopped a lot of them waiting in line. Check out those, along with a few other shots snapped during the Con, in the gallery below. My personal favorite is the two little girls-- presumably sisters-- dressed as Wonder Woman and Supergirl.

BONUS VIDEO! Some other Masquerade-goers took the opportunity to express their true feelings about the Twilight mania that overcame the Con on the first day. Check it out in the video below.

Want more from Comic Con? This is just the tip of the lightsaber. Get it all right here.

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