Kevin Smith treated Comic-Con audiences to a short scene from his upcoming from Zack and Miri Make a Porno on Friday night and talked a little about the process he’s going through to battle the NC-17 rating he’s been handed. We’ll cover the panel as a whole a little more in depth as we expand our Comic-Con coverage. Instead we want to focus on another interesting tidbit the director let fly during his panel.

When asked about upcoming projects, Smith made it pretty clear that he was done with his iconic characters Jay and Silent Bob, at least for now. Actually, it looks like the whole Askewniverse is closed, unless Smith decides to visit Dante and Randall again in another decade. Instead, Smith is testing his abilities a little bit and stepping out of familiar territory.

So what’s up next for Smith? It looks like he’s still trying to find a home for his horror movie, Red State, deeply anticipated by fans but without a studio as of yet. After that, Smith grew a little tight-lipped, but hinted that it might be a movie set in space.

In space? Whatever could that project be, you ask. I’m putting my money on a live-action Jetsons movie from Smith. Imagine it - dealing with the frustrations of an unrewarding job, a wife that is disappointed in him, and two annoying kids, George Jetson turns to the best friend a man can have - his dog, with whom he has discussions of freaky sex, space hockey, and a possible Galactic Empire. Just don’t turn George and Astro’s relationship into something that tops the donkey scene of Clerks II.

(No, I don’t actually think Kevin would do a Jetsons movie, but it actually might be pretty funny if he did)

We’ll have more on Zack and Miri Make a Porno at Comic-Con coming up.

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