The Land of the Lost panel needed more Will Ferrell. Or more live Will Ferrell rather. It had plenty of Will Ferrell, but it was all pre-recorded bits which were made to look live. They were entertaining, but come on Will, get your ass to Comic Con!

Still, the panel kicked off with a Sleestack invasion. That's always good. The lights went dark and strange, evil looking shapes roamed the stage. The Sleestacks were here! Then the big screens came on, and we were treated to Will Ferrell playing the banjo and singing the Land of the Lost themesong. It’s a comedy, and Will’s halting rendition was all at once funny and somehow complimentary of the original show. When he finished, the speakers launched into the original version of the song while the cast and crew who did show up at Con filed in.

On hand were director Brad Silverleaf, Jorma Taccone (Chaka), Anna Friel (Holly), Danny McBride (Will), and the creators of the original series Sid and Marty Krofft. Sort of on hand was Will Ferrell, who later showed up in a pre-recorded piece in which he pretended to be broadcasting live from the Hotel del Coronado (by way of Sweden), one mile across the bay from the convention. Funny, but again, Will, get your ass to Con! Preferably in a badly sewn Sleestack suit.

The highlight of the panel though wasn’t the people who showed up, but the brief snippet of footage they showed. In it, Will Ferrell stands, staring rather blankly, while a gigantic T-Rex sneaks up behind him. He senses something and stares into the camera to ask the audience, “He’s right behind me isn’t he? I knew it. Just try to be still! I don’t think it’s working.” Then the old Land of the Lost themesong kicks in. It’s a short little teaser, but I laughed. Why not.

Though this thing is totally a comedy, Sid and Marty Krofft seem to be completely behind it. They went on and on about how much they love what’s being done with the film. Hey let’s face it, whether it was intended to be serious or not, Land of the Lost is pretty damn funny. I’m looking forward to laughing along with it for a change, instead of just laughing at it.

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