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Sony has brought three films to this years comic con and they couldn't be more different. First you have Priest, which sees Paul Bettany as a man of the cloth who leaves to rescue his niece from the vampires that have captured her. Next there's The Green Hornet where Seth Rogen plays superhero next to Jay Chou. Lastly, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell team up as the cops that are The Other Guys. And I'm going to blog them all!

4:21 Director Scott Stewart up on stage to introduce the first ever clip from Priest. Plenty of gimmicky 3D and weird looking monsters.

4:25 Introducing Cam Gigandet, Stephen Moyer, Karl Urban, Maggie Q and Paul Bettany

4:27 Karl Urban plays Black Hat, a fallen priest who "wreaks havoc and destruction in the wasteland." Moyer plays Bettany's brother who is a scientist and has taken himself away from society with his wife and daughter. Cam plays Hicks, the sheriff of a small town who enlists Bettany's character to search for his wife. Once he gets out into the field, he quickly realizes he's out of his league.

4:30 Stewart wanted a nostalgic movie, but also designed it all around depth, which he believes is necessary for 3D. According to Stewart, the problem isn't with post-conversion 3D itself but with the little time dedicated to it. They are spending six months on the 3D.

4:33 The film has an animated opening prologue made by artist Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack. Apparently it is violent beyond belief.

4:35 Time for the animated prologue.They weren't joking about the violence.

4:40 Stewart studied nature documentaries to figure out the look of the vampires, who evolved without eyes in the film.

4:42 If it wasn't obviously already, these vampires aren't the same as the ones you see in True Blood and Twilight, but someone felt the need to ask Cam and Stephen anyway.

4:47 That's all she wrote for Priest. On to film number two!

4:48 Time for The Other Guys. Adam McKay, Eva Mendes, Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell take the stage. Ferrell is rocking some pretty sweet sunglasses.

4:57 Just showed off about seven minutes of footage that mixes both deleted scenes and scenes from the film. Amazing stuff.

4:58 The movie came together after Will and Adam had dinner with Mark and Adam just came up with a random idea that worked.

4:59 Adam says that the film was meant to be made with three main characters, but Ben Kingsley's drinking issues caused him to drop out.

5:01 Will goes over his favorite quotes: "You're my boy, Blue" "Shake and Bake," "Let's go streaking and "I want to be on you." Mentions that it's a pleasure to be in the whale's vagina.

5:03 Eva calls Anchorman her Godfather and Citizen Kane.

5:04 Adam McKay is officially signed on to direct The Boys!

5:05 Will says his favorite character he's played is the funeral director in Drowning Mona, but, seriously, says that it is probably Ron Burgundy.

5:07 A nervous 16 year old steps to the mike and Will starts shouting "Boner Alert." Then the boy's mother shows up...

5:08 Mark tells the boy's mother that if she hears moaning in his room and knows that he is alone, don't open the door.

5:10 A mam gets to the mike with a squeak in his voice and Will answers him with a squeak of his own.

5:14 Will has a hidden talent: he's a gourmet chef. He'd cook on set and make Chili Pot Pie and Thai food. Adam McKay is telling him that it is just awful, but this is news to Will.

5:16 Eva has just hit on her second underage audience member of the night, Someone contact the police.

5:17 Mark requested nautilus equipment, a moon bouncy castle and a UHaul with a bucket of 7-Up in it on his rider contract.

5:20 Mark Wahlberg just said “Fuck you” and “Son of a bitch” in Hebrew. Apparently he’s fluent.

5:22 The have just announced that McKay and Ferrell are staring up a film academy in the City of Industry, Los Angeles. It's in an abandoned airplane hanger and they only film on beta tapes.

5:23 OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The Virginity Hit coming out this fall, McKay and Ferrell production. Here comes the trailer!

5:30 The film appears to be about a teenager who wants to lose his virginity with his girlfriend, but his friends convince me to make a movie out of it. Needless to say, things go horribly wrong. They've also just announced a spur of the moment screening at the Redding Gaslamp theater tonight at 8:00pm. Check it out if you can!

5:32 Green Hornet next, Mr. Seth Rogen on stage.

5:34 Trailer time!

5:40 Why is this movie being released in January? It deserves so much more

5:41 Producer Neal Moretz, writer Evan Goldberg, Michel Gondry and Christoph Waltz all hit the stage with Rogen, cheers a-plenty.

5:44 Christoph thought he was playing a very subtle villain. Then he saw the double-barreled pistol.

5:45 Neal acknowledges that what we've seen from post-conversion 3D has been horrible and nothing but a cash grab. He says that they are taking their time with this film, however, which is why they pushed it back.

5:47 First look at The Green Hornet in 3D coming up.

5:50 While I still can't say much for the 3D, those that were afraid this would be a generic superhero film can be calm: Gondry has done some great stuff here.

5:53 Jay and Seth Vs. The Apocalypse is finally happening. For those unfamiliar with this project, check out the trailer here

5:55 Apparently Christoph has been a fan of Seth for years and wanted to get the chance to work with him. Who knew?

5:56 Seth Rogen has just announced that he has leprosy and is slowly dying. That explains the weight loss.

5:57 This shouldn't come as a shock, but Kato masks aren't the most comfortable things in the world.

6:00 Rogen and crew turned down thousands of dollars from car companies to design a concept car and instead went for a 1965 Chrysler. Good call.

6:06 Christoph just turned the crowd a bit by announcing that he's not much of a comic book fan. I don't care, he's still amazing.

6:09 When Gondry was hired, everyone encouraged him to make it with his own vision. Great decision.

6:11 Last question of the night and it's for Christoph Waltz. The questioner wants to know if he would tell his children that's he not a villain in real life. Christoph's response? "Why would I?" And that's all, folks!

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