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We’ve already seen a trailer and heard the first reactions from the upcoming remake of Let The Right One In by director Matt Reeves (titled simply Let Me In), but now the guests of the San Diego Comic Con planted in Hall H will get the first extended look of the film and some Q&A with members of the cast and crew. Stick around and hit that refresh button as I give you the rundown in yet another live blogging session.

1:59 Showing off the trailer as the first film from Hammer Studios in 35 years. The dynamic between Moretz and McPhee looks phenomenal, but do you expect anything less from Hit Girl?

2:03 Director Matt Reeves, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Richard Jenkins and Chloe Moretz hit the stage.

2:07 Reeves wasn't looking for a vampire when he cast Moretz. He was looking for a girl that could express a wounded soul who is both tough and vulnerable.

2:09 They knew Jenkins was the actor they wanted after meeting with him after his Oscar nomination.

2:10 First clip coming up. Reeves talks about Owen, McPhee's character, as a kid that is repeatedly and brutally beat up. The clip is the scene in which Moretz tells McPhee go on a "date" after the bullies slash his face.

2:15 Just from that five minute clip it is easy to see that the chemistry between McPhee and Moretz is perfect.

2:16 Like the original, the film is a period piece that takes place in the 1980s. The film was originally meant to film in Colorado, but after learning of New Mexico's tax breaks Reeves decided to check it out. As part of the high desert, it provides both cold and sun. Takes place in Los Alamos, which is also where writer Drew Goddard grew up (the writer of Cloverfield and friend of Reeves)

2:21 Reeves was attached to the project 10 months before the original film came out. The studio wanted Reeves to age up the kids in the movie but he was not only hesitant to remake it in the first place, but refused to make it if the kids were made older.

2:23 The director loved the original so much that he wrote a letter to the author of the novel, John Ajvide Lindqvist, who responded that he was touched Reeves liked the script and approved the idea of remaking it.

2:25 Jenkins didn't watch the original until a few days ago but loved it.

2:26 Time for another clip: a scene that was not in the original, the clip shows how Jenkins gets the blood for Abby, but messes up in the process.

2:38 Reeves totally undersold how badly that scene goes. Jenkins really screws the pooch in this one.

2:39 The film has elements taken from the book that wasn't seen in the original plus details seen through Reeves' childhood as a prism.

2:41 Moretz likens Abby to Hit Girl as a mature, self-reliant and strong character.

2:42 Steven Spielberg told Reeves that he should have his child actors keep a diary as their character from the film to learn more about their mindset. I guess that explains why Spielberg was able to get some great performances out of kids.

2:44 Reeves told his cast and crew not to see Let The Right One In if they hadn't already so that they could bring their own elements to the film. He did, however, insist that they watch it after filming wrapped.

2:46 That's all she wrote, people. Stay tuned for the next one!

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