If you checked our Comic Con 2010 preview page, you know that one of the panels that we are most excited for this year is James Gunn's Super. Well, we're on hand and we're happy to bring you the play-by-play!

1:20pm KROCK DJ Ted Stryker moderating the film panel introducing, in order, James Gunn, Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Nathan Fillion (by far the biggest reaction from the crowd), Michael Rooker, producer Ted Hope (American Splendor), and producer Miranda Bailey.

1:28pm The first rough cut trailer plays to huge reaction giving us our first look at Rainn Wilson as the Crimson Bolt. Followed by a clip in which Wilson beats a line cutter at the movies with a wrench. Great stuff.

1:32 James Gunn says that he has been working on the project for years now but has never been able to find the right man for the lead. Thanks to Jenna Fischer (Gunn's ex-wife and Wilson's The Office co-star), Wilson was offered the script at knew he wanted to do it immediately.

1:35 Producer Ted Hope got on board after finding out about the film on Twitter and having it described to him as a "low rent Watchmen"

1:37 For the female roles they were looking for a Liv Tyler-type and an Ellen Page-type. Funny how often that works out perfectly.

1:40 Liv Tyler says she filmed half her part on the first day of shooting. Either she doesn't have a huge part or these guys had insane hours.

1:41 Nathan Fillion's name being mentioned is enough to make Hall H erupt in applause.

1:43 It should be noted that Fillion is in the trailer for about 2 seconds. It's a quick close up of his face and he winks. Still amazing.

1:45 Apparently Kevin Bacon was meant to be here but couldn't. Bummer.

1:49 Ellen Page plays the Crimson Bolts side-kick named Libby who Page describes as "a lunatic." Likens the character to the one that she played in Hard Candy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

1:52 Nathan Fillion: It's a universal fact, if you want to make something better you add Bacon. So true.

1:53 Two young girls get up for the audience Q&A. All you can do is saw awwwwww.

1:55 Ellen Page's work in the film is almost exclusively with Rainn, but she has nothing but nice things to say about the rest of the cast.

1:56 The film is Liv Tyler's first since finishing The Incredible Hulk. Has it really been that long?

2:00 Liv Tyler got into the mind of a drug addict by spinning in circles in her trailer while taking the occasional shot of whiskey. That's commitment.

2:01 Rob Zombie has a cameo in the film as the voice of God. The trailer contained music by The White Stripes and the Beastie Boys. Apparently they really want Cheap Trick to give them a song.

2:02 Steve Agee has a one line cameo in the film. That word is "C--t"

2:03 Who would win in a fight - Dwight or Mal? Wilson and Fillion then proceed to fight on stage, Wilson kicking Fillion's ass. Guess we have an answer.

2:06 Nathan Fillion's character's name is The Holy Avenger. He's ambiguously gay, long haired and has the power of charisma (pronounced "CHA-risma" because he has the power of the church. He is a hero on TV that Wilson's character is obsessed with and appears in visions.

2:11 Michael Rooker says he has always reserved the right to be bad and he thinks he's "okay" in Super. Then Gunn says that he saw Rooker pleasuring himself to pictures of Wilson on-set. Comedy!

2:15 Last question asks Ellen Page why she dropped out of Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell. Turns out it was all Drew Barrymore's fault.

2:16 Check out the films website and sign up for updates! www.thecrimsonbolt.com

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