It's the last panel of the day and Hall H is jammed. This is pretty much the perfect combination of comics and Hollywood so I'm expecting a lot out of this one. If there's any place in the world where people will go nuts over Scott Pilgrim it's here.

6:20 Edgar Wright is moderating his own panel. It's a ballsy move but he's actually pulling it off. You know a Con veteran when you see one.

6:21 Jason Schwartzman looks exactly like Ringo Starr. Like, exactly. I hope this is a reference to something.

6:23. The entire cast has been assembled onstage, including a decoy appearance by Simon Pegg and Nick Forst, who ran joyously onstage before being informed they weren't in the movie. They walked away dejected.

6:24. Michael Cera takes the stage in a Captain America costume, complete with fake muscles. Apparently it's an homage to the missing Chris Evans and also the first hilarious sight gag we've had since Megamind this morning. (photo evidence below)

6:27 Screening a clip of Scott's fight with Gideon (Jason Schwartzman). It looks manic and excellent but maybe a little too fast to follow? Eh, I think I'm just tired.

6:28 Adorable small child asks a question of Bryan Lee O'Malley. Everyone awwwws.

6:30 Alison Pill hints that she and Ellen Wong might make out, like their characters do in the graphic novel, but onstage. Right now. I think Hall H mentally exploded.

6:31 Audience question about an Arrested Development movie. Cera: "I want it to get made. I think it's going to." He might be the only one left who thinks it's possible but sure!

6:32 Edgar Wright mentions the existence of a Captain America movie that still isn't official. He will be dragged outside and beaten by Paramount shortly.

6:36 Edgar Wright admits there are Zelda and Mario references in the fight scenes, and the fights were meant to emulate different levels of a video game. The crowd loves it.

6:36 Every audience questioner has referred to Michael Cera as Captain America. I hope the nickname sticks.

6:37 On the set they apparently called Michael Cera "Mikey the pushup king."

6:38 An audience member says she's seen the movie already. She will be killed by Universal publicists. It's just brutal in here.

6:40 Edgar asks Kieran Culkin to talk about kissing a man. "You mean you and I?" Apparently the director really did kiss Culkin to prepare him the scene. Isn't that a harassment suit waiting to happen?

6:41 Mae Whitman talks about improvving with Southern accents with Michael Cera. I hope Ann and George Michael did the same in the banana stand days.

6:43 Jason Schwartzman liked his shower scene with Michael Cera. Gayest Hall H panel ever?

6:44 Now at the bottom of this post: photographic proof that Jason Schwartzman has morphed into Ringo Starr.

6:45 Apparently at one point they were considering shooting in New York and pretending it was Toronto? This is a strange world, kids.

6:46 It's possible that Michael Cera just hit on an audience questioner. From inside his Captain America costume.

6:47 Edgar Wright announces that they're screening the film tonight. Audience members who got a Scott Pilgrim with a "1UP" on it can get in, and will walk over to the screening with him. Right now. So many happy nerds in one place!

6:49 And that's it! We're off to the screening ourselves, so see you after!

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