Some panels really get the bad end of the stick, and the Extract panel was definitely one of those. When you have to go on an hour before Jon Favreau and Iron Man 2, it’s not very likely that Hall H is going to be filled with your fans. Still, Mike Judge and his cast really didn’t get the reception they deserved. Sure the clips got laughs for the only time all day, the panel didn’t have enough audience questions. Anyone who loved Office Space (and I’m guessing that’s anyone who’s seen it) should be excited for this movie. It follows Joel (played by Bateman), an owner of a factory that makes liquid extracts (i.e. vanilla), through his daily dealings with his rocky marriage, unintelligent employees, and a new attractive temp working at his factory.

The clips showed major promise, with Ben Affleck giving a particularly surprising performance as Joel’s stoner friend. The first clip showed Joel in his first meeting with Cindy (played by Mila Kunis) and the conversation that took place afterwards between Joel and Affleck’s character, Dean. The second had Dean and Joel stoned on Special K, talking a surfer-dude type into attempting to sleep with Joel’s wife. The third clip was the aftermath of all of this. The third clip, in particular, was hilarious and featured the surfer-dude’s interpretation of the events that happened with Joel’s wife in an over-exaggerated dream sequence. Great stuff.

Two fans had the sense to ask two big questions that received pretty big answers. Jason Bateman talked a little about the future of the Arrested Development movie (you can read about that here), and Mike Judge talked about the possibility of a Beavis and Butthead sequel (read about that here).

The truth is, everyone needs to get out and see Extract. Idiocracy is finally getting the attention it deserves (Josh Tyler was an early lover. Read his review here. It’s the reason I went to see it in theatres). Office Space is a huge cult hit. But thanks to Fox, neither ever got the chance to bloom in their theatrical runs. Do Mike Judge a favor this year and give him a box office hit. You’ll be doing yourself a favor as well.

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