Our coverage of Let Me In at Comic Con will get started tomorrow, with 1:1 interviews with the cast and director and coverage of Saturday's panel, but MTV is starting things a little early by premiering the Comic Con exclusive poster for the film, which is available at the Dark Horse booth and will presumably be handed out at some point during the festivities.

Check out the poster below-- it's very cool, very atmospheric, and right in line with what we're seeing from the film. I like that it highlights Chloe Moretz, who may very well be the film's biggest star among this Kick-Ass loving crowd. The "from the director of Cloverfield" tag at the top is a little odd, since this two movies are presumably nothing alike, but again, this is Comic Con-- there are fans for everything here, and Cloverfield is no exception. We'll find out Saturday how well this poster fits in with the footage they're screening, but this should be enough for now to get you in the proper spooky, bloody, vampiric mood.

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