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I seem to be in horror reporting mode tonight, but that’s just what’s coming up first from my Comic-Con coverage. Over the long weekend I got a chance to speak briefly to Robert Englund. Expect to see that interview in the next few days. One of the subjects he brought up repeatedly in our five-to-ten minute time frame was V, that 80’s sci-fi miniseries about lizard like aliens invading the planet.

A new V project has been in the rumormill for some time now, but Englund doesn’t expect to be involved with it. He told me he stays pretty regularly in touch with series creator Kenneth Johnson and that he understands the plan right now is a remake with a younger cast - no Singer, Ironsides, Badler, or Englund. Maybe if that does well the original cast can put in some appearances on subsequent projects though.

In the meantime, Englund is attempting a bit of a cast reunion on his own (in fact, his knowledge of the location of all of his former castmates was a bit mystifying, making me wonder if he doesn’t have some sort of tracking devices planted). The actor has recently been moving behind the camera to direct his own movies and he told me he’s hoping to offer a part to Michael Ironside in his next project. That’s awesome news. Ironside doesn’t get nearly enough screen time, but the idea of him appearing in an Englund horror movie makes me almost giddy with the thought.

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