Katey hasn’t had the best of luck with the WiFi here in Hall H over the past few days, so let’s see how this works for me as I attempt to Live Blog the Sony panel. If not, there’s always email, so the liveblog shall live on, somehow! This San Diego Comic Con Sony panel will consist of presentations featuring 2012 and Zombieland, and it looks as though Zombieland will be the first of the two. Here we go, dudes and dudettes.

2:46 Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Director, Ruben Fleischer are all here, and they’re showing off the Zombieland trailer. As for the trailer, the movie looks like the most stylistic interpretation of the zombie genre since Shaun of the Dead. The trailer is getting a lot of laughs from the audience and deservedly so. It looks good on screen and Woody Harrelson is great in it.

2:55 Fleischer tells us that the movie was originally supposed to be a TV show, but he wanted to do something more out there and more R Rated.

3:00 Zombieland clip: The scene shown has Jesse’s character in his apartment before he’s aware of the Zombie outbreak. The dialogue feels a little Juno-esque, with its hip dialogue and use of slang. We get to see the first Zombie reveal. The design isn’t very impressive, but it does the job. Also, there’s narration from Jesse. It may take more context to get into that.

3:08 An audience member asks about rumors of Bill Murray being in Zombieland. Harrelson confirms that there is a rumor. No solid answer is given. Ruben admits that he got a lot of influence from Shaun of the Dead. “Those guys really set the bar high for all of us.” Each of the actors gives their favorite Zombie movies. Emma’s is Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead. Woody and Jess like 28 Days Later.

3:14 Second Zombieland Clip: Woody and Jesse’s Characters are in search of a Twinkie in a supermarket and have to fight off a couple of Zombies. They meet Emma’s character, who is caring for her sister, played by Abigail Breslin (she’s in this? Nice!). This leads to something that I’d rather not spoil, but it’s pretty funny. This is looking and sounding like it could be a big hit.

3:17 Will there be a Zombieland 2? "I think the audience will determine that. If you guys all come out and like it, then we're willing to make it." Woody says there will be three or four more because he needs steady work. Everyone is asking their own Zombie scenario questions. Funny the first time. Annoying the rest. Zombieland opens on October 9th, 2009. That's it for the Zombieland cast. And now for the best transition ever. Woody makes a cameo in 2012, so he presents the 2012 trailer.

3:20 2012 trailer. I'm not sure if this is the same one that was released earlier, but I don't think it was. It contains about 3 minutes of footage. It looks exactly like you'd expect. A lot of explosions and dying and crashing buildings thrown together with a shoestring plot that includes John Cusack and a kid. The explosions do look great though. Roland Emmerich takes the stage to join Woody Harrelson. "Why do you hate this planet so much?" "I think I destroy it so much because I love it so much."

3:30 Clip: It's not a finished scene, according to Roland. John Cusack's character is listening to Woody's character's conspiracy radio show. The ground starts cracking. He calls his wife and tells her to start getting out of california. it looks as though cusack is divorced and his wife and she has the kids and a new husband. uh oh, family and father themes. there's a shot at arnold schwarzenegger, governor of california. Cusack picks up the kids, mom, and step dad and the world starts falling apart behind his car. Roads are imploding, buildings are falling apart. This is ridiculous. This dude actually made this movie. Somehow the family ends up at the airport and in a plane. Apparently the stepdad is a pilot. convenient. The general feeling of the audience is a kind of ironic enjoyment. A lot of laughter at the ridiculousness of everything.

Want more from Comic Con? This is just the tip of the lightsaber. Get it all right here.

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