To kick off the Hall H panel for The Expendables, moderator Harry Knowles started by asking if there were any real men in Hall H. He got some scattered cheers, but really, was he kidding? We've all been sitting indoors all day eating $12 pizza, while the actors who were about to step onstage could probably crush our skulls with one hand.

The Expendables hits theaters on August 14, so it's not like people were foaming at the mouth for some never-before-seen footage, but the 90 second clip they debuted got plenty of attention thanks to the ridiculous amount of blood and dismemberment it contains. Knowles said he couldn't believe the Hall H powers that be let them get away with it, and I can only wonder what Piranha 3D has in store if it was banned for being too violent and The Expendables wasn't.

The men of The Expendables took the stage led by Terry Crews, who stripped his shirt off and stood on top of the table (that's the impressive photo you see above). Steve Austin, Sylvester Stallone, Dolph Ludgren and Randy Couture kept their shirts on but were plenty manly, boasting about how Austin broke Stallone's neck during a scene, Couture would cackle after breaking somebody in half, and how their constant trips to the hospital became a local joke during filming. He was so proud of his injuries that Stallone even admits the movies in which he doesn't get hurt while filming are the ones that don't turn out well: "I didn't get hurt in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot." Well played.

I spent the entire panel holding out hope for a surprise cameo by Arnold Schwarzenegger, but at least we got Bruce Willis, who popped back in just a few hours after the Red panel and, I'll be honest, seemed like he'd already kicked off happy hour. Can't say I blame him; I've been in this room for 7 hours now and see no happy hour in sight.

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