If you’ve been following our Comic Con coverage you probably saw our photos from the San Diego Convention Center exhibit floor of the lifesize replica of the Hall of Asgard. That’s the throne room from Thor which plays a prominent part in the upcoming Marvel superhero film. Today though, something amazing happened. That same, lifesize replica opened up to reveal something hidden inside it. Inside the Hall of Asgard was the Destroyer.

Here’s a video showing what it looked like before:

And here’s what Asgard looks like opened up:

So who or what is this Destroyer character lurking behind the throne? In Marvel’s Thor comics, the Destroyer is a magic suit of armor made by Thor’s father Odin. At some point it’s used by Thor’s nemesis Loki, who will be in the film. It’s possible that we could end up seeing the movie’s bad guy wearing it, before all is said and done.

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