Kevin Smith’s had nothing but trouble when it comes to movie titles. Many blame the mediocre performance of his last movie Zack and Mirie Make a Porno on the word “porno”, which turned off mainstream audiences who don’t like to admit they watch porn when the blinds are closed. I say those uptight hypocrites wouldn’t have liked the movie anyway, so really who cares? But Smith’s next movie is a studio film and that means they’re banking on nothing but massive, mainstream audiences if they’re going to recoup the film’s bigger budget. Because of that, titling it A Couple of Dicks might be a bad idea.

Smith acknowledged the difficulties this afternoon during his San Diego Comic Con panel where he revealed that, sadly, they are likely to change the movie’s title. The problem is nervous television networks. While Fox and TBS have no problem advertising a film with that title, the nervous ninnies at CBS, NBC, and ABC have refused to advertise the movie before 9pm in primetime.

That’s a real problem since they believe that advertising the film during sports broadcasts is their best bet to get an audience, and most sports happen before the kids go to bed. A few months ago the title actually was changed, to A Couple of Cops, but for some reason that only lasted a day before they went back to Dicks. Hopefully this time they’ll come up with something less lame to change the movie’s name to. What about Hill Street Blues? I’m pretty sure that hasn’t been used.

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