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Sam Raimi was supposed to be working on it, but now that he’s decided to make a futuristic Wyatt Earp movie instead you have to wonder where that leaves the long anticipated World of Warcraft movie. Don’t worry, it’s not dead.

Blizzard Entertainment boss Chris Metzen offered an update on the project today at Comic Con and he says the film is still in the "treatment stage". He says Blizzard is still giving notes on project "still feeling it out" and "getting ducks in a row". That might sound good until you consider they’ve been working on turning WoW into a movie since 2006. You’d think they’d have lined all their ducks up, shot them, and made a nice sauce out of them by now.

So while the World of Warcraft movie isn’t dead, it doesn’t sound like it’s going anywhere very fast. Don’t expect to see it any time soon.

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