At last year's Comic Con Zack Snyder was the man of the hour, on hand to present his vision of Watchmen to the masses and rile up a geek crowd for a product that, depending on your opinion, may or may not have disappointed in the end. But this year he's keeping a significantly lower profile, doing interviews to promote the Watchmen DVD and screening his director's cut live for an audience On Saturday night.

I caught up with him during a roundtable interview from a hotel suite where he and his puppy were hanging out, and amid lots of questions about Watchmen, which we'll get to later, he answered an early query about the planned sequel for 300. There's not much new to say about the project-- Frank Miller is still writing, and Snyder is still willing to direct it-- but it was good to hear an update regardless. Read what he had to say below, and check back later for the rest of the interview.

"The thing that I'm trying to do is duplicate, in some ways, the process of making 300 originally. I really don't want Frank to write the graphic novel thinking about it like it's going to be a movie. I want to make a piece of art the way he does. [People have asked if I'm] interested in talking to Frank about what I thought should be in the movie, and I was like, no, that doesn't make any sense at al, that's backwards. He should write the graphic novel, and I'll write a movie, and we'll make a movie. Right now he's writing the graphic novel. We're waiting to see what he does.

A reporter asked if the film would pick up where 300 left off, and Snyder gave the perfect response:
"He's crazier than that. You know that won't be [what he does]."

Want more from Comic Con? This is just the tip of the lightsaber. Get it all right here.

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