I really, really thought we were done reporting on the Justice League of America movie, but like Superman or a particularly nasty supervillain, the thing just won't die. Weeks after the movie was officially sidelined, the rapper Common has told MTV Movies that he had in fact been cast as the Green Lantern, confirming a rumor that had been floating around for months.

“It’s a blessing really, to know that I could potentially be this superhero. Justice League itself is an honor, and Green Lantern is an incredible character to play. Poor guy had better not get too excited just yet, since there's no word on whether or not the project will be picked back up once the strike is over. Given the revolving-door nature of the cast and all the rumors about how troubled the production was, you have to wonder if something so particularly disastrous will be worth picking back up again.

Common still seems enthusiastic, though, which is a good sign that the movie may happen after all. What do you think? Are you all so tired of Justice League rumors that you don't even care if the movie happens anymore? Or are you like Common, excited that he'll be a black superhero (guess no one told him about Will Smith in Hancock) and just ready to see what the damn thing looks like?

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