Captain America: The Winter Solider Black Widow
Out With The Flashbacks, In With Black Widow
When I had the chance to speak with Markus and McFeely back when Captain America: The First Avenger was coming out in 2011, they were working on a much different idea for the sequel than the one that they ended up going with. The duo was originally planning on including multiple flashback sequences that tied modern day events to what happened with Cap during World War II, but as the plot evolved and the script took form, that element was introduced to the ‘Delete’ key.

Once they had settled on the conspiracy movie model, in order to maintain a dense, tight story the screenwriters were forced to get rid of any kind of distracting narrative device that would take away from the suspense of the plot. But while losing the flashbacks was hard, changing things around also opened the door to include Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow in the film –allowing them to both capitalize on the success of The Avengers and add an extra dimension to the main character.

"It helped for the conspiracy," Markus said. "We needed somebody partly for the conspiracy and partly for Steve’s arch. She operates in sort this moral grey zone and he doesn’t and that was a great way to sort of bring all of that out."

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