How many ways can we destroy the world on film? We're testing out pretty much all of those options these days, with a new post-apocalyptic movie popping up nearly every week. One of the next on tap is Legion, directed and written by former VFX guy Scott Stewart, and starring Paul Bettany as an archangel trying to save humanity when God grows tired of people and sends out his angels to kill them.

Yeah, it's pretty insane. And thanks to a new red-band trailer hosted by MySpace, you can see for yourself how balls-out ridiculous-- and quite possibly awesome-- this movie is. First it opens with the arrival of Bettany's character, then cuts to a goofy scene in a diner that gets totally insane when a seemingly-innocuous old lady decides to start killing some folks. In the words of Tracy Jordan, this honky grandma be trippin'.

Check out the age-restricted trailer below, and head to Slashfilm for the image above and another exclusive, brand-new one.


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