Cinema Blend must be starting to sound like a broken record. It seems like every day there’s an announcement that someone, somewhere, is slapping 3D on a film with zero necessity, leaving us to thrash the decision. Maybe we are a little butthurt about this new trend, as one reader was kind to point out, but we’re holding fast in our collective stance that 3D is a waste of time, especially when the expensive gimmick is slapped on to films which will in no way benefit from it; in this case, the Jason Momoa reboot of Conan the Barbarian.

IESB is reporting that the hack & slash film, just like every other film in the coming years, will look to capitalize on Avatar’s success. It isn’t known if they will actually shoot the film for 3D, or if they will give it the Clash of the Titans treatment and just slap bullshit 3D on it in post-production, but either way we don’t need it even a little bit. Beowulf in 3D was a schlocky waste of time and forcing a third dimension onto Conan will surely feel the same.

We get it. There’s a depression on right now the likes of which America hasn’t seen since the ‘30s and studios see an opportunity to reach their hands deeper into your wallets and help themselves to seven more of your hard earned dollar per viewing. Sure it makes sense, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

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