It might just be a result of having seen Surrogates, which uses a boring conspiracy plot to ruin a great sci-fi concept, but I've pretty much had it with movies about unraveling large-scale conspiracies or plots of any kind. I realize they're the backbone of every single action film made this decade, but isn't there a way to have an action movie without some kind of secret plot to destroy the world?

CBS Films at least has no interest in helping me out here. According to Variety they've picked up the thriller Sleeper Spy, Anthony Jaswinski's script about a plot to assassinate a political figure. Jeff Wadlow, who made the high school fight movie Never Back Down, has signed on to direct. CBS Films president Amy Baer asked for major changes in the storyline when the studio acquired the film, which could mean that they've made it even more generic, but also could indicate a better direction for the film. I'm just saying, the moment someone says "this plot goes all the way to the top," I'm walking out.

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