I hate to speak in hyperbole, but the X-Men: First Class posters that were released last night are two of the worst that I have ever seen. From the shoddy Photoshop to crotch-heads, just about everything about them is objectionable. As a result, the last 12 hours have been filled with folks laughing derisively at the new "artwork," which generally isn't great when you're trying to release a summer blockbuster that needs to make back its budget. So that's why we are getting a cool new picture today.

The X-Men Movies Facebook Page has posted a pretty awesome new still from the upcoming Matthew Vaughn comic book movie. In the picture, Havok, played by Lucas Till, is standing in what appears to be some kind of small hanger surrounded by fire. Why is the fire form perfect lines? Are the fires a result of Havok using a plasma blast? The photo doesn't really answer these questions, but it is pretty cool looking.

Check out the new still below and for more on X-Men: First Class, head on over to our Blend Film Database.

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