While “The Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy” has emerged as the most popular name grouping the three films made by Wright, Pegg, and Frost, the series has gone by some other names in the past as well. The more Americanized name of the series (because we here in the States don’t have Cornettos) is “The Blood and Ice Cream trilogy” – and this poster seems to be directly inspired by that moniker. The red strawberry topping on the cone has been replaced with what looks like dripping blood, and while it’s odd that the label wrapping around the ice cream has the three titles out of order, it’s still a really cool design.


My appreciation for this next entry both stems from its cool retro style and the awesome animated versions of the characters played by Pegg and Frost throughout the series. The drawings themselves don’t really look too much like the actors, but it’s all about the details in their wardrobe and facial hair. As a bonus, “Served Wright From The Freezer” is on the level of puns I expect from an ice cream ad. Fantastic stuff.

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