That Mitchell and Webb Look is also where you should look to see how the two can tackle various genres, as Peep Show doesn’t delve into fantasy the way Spaced did. But the clips below will give you a sense of how Mitchell and Webb have an eye for the details of genre that could well make them the next Pegg and Wright. First up, watch their parody of Jane Austen costume dramas, “Posh Dancing.” Warning: This clip contains a line NSFW.

Next up a parody of conspiracy drama that also attacks a insidious rumor that played out in gossip circles:

And lastly, here’s a look at the pair tackling World War II-era dramas.

If you’re already a Mitchell and Webb devotee, you’re probably thinking, “But they made a movie!” Yup, the two starred in the forgettable 2007 comedyMagicians, in which they played rival entertainers. But I don’t think we should hold that lackluster offering against them as they only fronted it; they didn’t write it, which is clear as it lacks the sharp wit and biting social commentary that has been inherent in their two most popular series.

In the end, I don’t mean to suggest Mitchell and Webb should replace Pegg and Wright, especially since the latter will likely continue working together for years to come. Instead, I’m suggesting that we look at the Cornetto trilogy as an example that can be followed, where we consider a franchise outside the specific bounds of continued characters and look to it as a chance for comedians to explore their skillset in a variety of settings and situations. Basically, I’m hoping someone has the good sense to see the potential Mitchell and Webb have for weaving relatable tales about hilariously inept people. If they crafted movies like their TV shows, these features would be plenty of silliness to satisfy audiences’ lowbrow desires, but also enough insightful satire to make them highbrow and richer on rewatching—just like the Cornetto trilogy.

To watch more of the series mentioned above, click Spaced, or Peep Show, or That Mitchell and Webb Look .

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