SEAN: Maybe. Or maybe he;'ll just turn Ant-Man into another Edgar Wright movie. Which, again, might not be a terrible thing. I'm just worried about it being more of the same.

I will say that revisiting Shaun, Fuzz and Scott this week, I found that I appreciated the first two a lot more than I thought I did. I just haven't been compelled to revisit Wright's films as often as I might, say, the works of a different director. I like him. I'm not wild about him. Personal taste? Of course. I wouldn't put him on a short list of "Great" directors. Maybe The World's End will change my mind.

KATEY: The World's End ought to be interesting for you, because it's kind of working in two separate directions. On the one hand, it's got deeper character stuff than the previous two films, and is about darker concerns, which could make it more powerful. On the other hand, it's explicitly about retreading old territory from your past-- and it's hard not to get the feeling that Wright is itching to get out of this little genre corner after he makes this.

As for the great director thing.. I would try just not to get too caught up in the idea of that label, and focus on great films. I think Shaun of the Dead is a full-stop masterpiece, which to me means that Wright deserves my attention for everything he makes afterward. I also think Wright is probably a better *director* than Quentin Tarantino, while Tarantino is a better writer. But if you think QT is great and not Wright? Well, that's why movies are fun

SEAN: Agreed. And in no way am I dismissing Wright or saying that he won't ever become a great director. All I'm looking for is something different. Some significant growth. He has style to spare. I'd love to see him tackle a wildly different genre. Maybe Ant-Man will be it. I hope it will be it. But it feels like that could be more genre experimentation, which we already know he can do in his sleep. We shall see. The book on Wright isn't written. And we'll both keep reading, I'm sure.

Is Edgar Wright a great director?

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