Wyck Godfrey has presumably bought himself several very nice houses by producing the Twilight films, but a good producer always has his eye on what the next big thing will be. Godfrey has picked up the remake rights to the 2009 French-Canadian horror film Martyrs, and sticking close to the money tree, told Fearnet he knows who he wants as a star: "I would love for Kristen [Stewart] to do it."

Fearnet doesn't explain if they prompted that question out of him-- "Hey, wouldn't Kristen Stewart be great for this part?"-- or if he volunteered the information on his own, so there's no way to tell how serious he might be about casting her. She'd probably suit the role, though-- the film is about a teenage girl seeking revenge against the people who tortured her as a child, teaming up with a friend from the orphanage on her mission. Stewart seems to be constantly seeking out edgier roles than what the Twilight franchise has offered her, but she's also incredibly in demand, and might not have the time to make for a remake of an extremely violent Canadian film. Then again, we have no idea how serious Godfrey is about casting her, so this is all idle speculation for now.

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