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As long as we've known that Guy Ritchie was working on a Sherlock Holmes movie, there have been rumors about who would play his most famous arch-nemesis, Moriarty. The character existed only as a shadowy figure in the first movie, but that didn't stop Russell Crowe and Brad Pitt for being rumored for the role. When it comes to Sherlock Holmes 2 we've already been hearing that Pitt or Daniel Day Lewis would take on the role-- and now add a third name to the pile.

Over at Latino Review, they say Mad Men's Jared Harris has been offered the role, which is his for the taking. Harris plays the stuffy, lonely, ultimately tragic Lane Pryce on the show, recently seen romancing a black Playboy bunny and getting hit in the head by his father's cane. If you don't think he can be gruff or menacing enough to pull of Moriarty, he also played the wild man Captain Mike in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. No, I couldn't quite believe it either.

Harris isn't nearly as big a name as Day-Lewis or Pitt, and I'm not sure why Guy Ritchie would deny Pitt the role if he's actually interested in it, but who knows what could have changed since the last round of rumors about this movie. We'll have to wait for official confirmation on this one before speculating further, since though Latino Review has a pretty good track record breaking scoops, they were also the first ones to tell us that Russell Crowe would play Moriarty in the first movie.

Update! Deadline has now confirmed this story.

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